What to pour down drain to Kill Roaches?

Are you searching for the best methods to get rid of roaches in your drains? If so, then I can definitely help you, as this blog post is about what to pour down the drain to kill roaches.

Roaches are known as one of the most troublesome and stubborn pests as they love to invade human houses, and the most common route they use for getting in is drain pipes.

I have mentioned some practical methods in this blog to kill roaches and keep them away from water pipes and drainage systems.

I have gone through a lot of research before writing this blog, so I have also listed the benefits and drawbacks of the methods stated here so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Now, let’s get started and find out the solution to this problem.

What to Pour Down the Drain to Kill Roaches?

There is no need to buy insecticide sprays or baits to kill roaches in the drain; instead, you can kick them out by using some DIY methods. One of the most effective chemicals found in almost every house is baking soda. You can add 8 tbsp of baking soda into the drain pipes; this will attack the roach’s stomach.

Roaches cannot bear the temperature of boiling water, so you can pour 4 to 5 cups of boiling water into the drain pipes. Moreover, adding ammonia to it is more effective.

In addition, consider preheating the pipe before adding hot water; after that, you can also add baking soda to ensure the death of roaches present there.

Why have I Found Roaches in the Drain?

Seeing roaches in drains first raises a question, why are roaches there? So, I am going to solve your query by disclosing the reasons behind it.

Actually, roaches are insects that love to hide because they don’t want to be victimized by their natural predators, like rats and reptiles.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that these stubborn pests don’t want to interact with you; the only thing that forces them to do so is the urge to survive.

So, let’s discuss what roaches need to survive; just like other living organisms, their essential requirement is food, water, and shelter.

But do drain pipes located in our houses provide all these facilities to roaches? The short answer is yes; roaches love to remain near water sources to fulfill their moisture demand.

Moreover, these water channels also provide protection to roaches by hiding them as you will never come to know about their presence unless you catch them while entering or leaving.

Now let’s move to one of the most basic needs, which is food; you must be wondering how they get food from these drains, so let me clear up your confusion.

Roaches are known to be the most flexible insects, and this is the reason why I have developed a great interest in them. They can eat almost everything and are not choosy.

Roaches love to feed on garbage, dust, and debris, and drain pipes provide all these sources as most of them contain waste matter which also becomes the reason for their blockage.

Do Roaches Lay Eggs in the Drain?

As you have learned why roaches adopt drains as their living place, you are also aware of the fact that reproduction is part of every living organism’s life cycle.

So here a question arises, do they lay eggs in the drains or not? The short answer is yes, as I have witnessed their presence in the drains handling the water supply in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Roaches need specific conditions to lay eggs as they are more concerned about their ootheca and finding the perfect place to lay them. 

Female roaches carry their egg mass unless they find a suitable place to lay them. Moreover, German and American roaches are known to lay eggs near food sources.

In addition, cockroaches prefer a protective place to lay eggs as there are some predators like wasps and rats that feed on roach eggs.

I hope you have already got your answer; so drain pipes contain food sources, moisture, and no light exposure, which makes them a perfect place to lay eggs.

Does Bleach Kill Roaches in the Drain?

Now let’s discuss the methods and chemicals that can assist you in killing roaches. As I have discussed earlier, these methods include DIY techniques.

So one of the most common chemicals you use in your houses is bleach. 

You will be pleased to know that bleach is capable of killing roaches, but there is always a need to follow preventive measures before using such chemicals.

So I will provide you with an excellent guide to use it but before that, let’s discuss the mechanism through which it kills roaches.

How Does Bleach Kill Roaches in the Drain?

Bleach is a chemical that has an adverse effect on roaches’ bodies. It can damage the outer protective coating by liquefying it or removing it from the rest of the body.

Now you must be wondering why damage to the outer shell leads roaches to death so let me first explain its importance. 

  • The outer shell is known as the exoskeleton, and it has a role in providing protection to the vital organs of roaches and other insects.
  • The proteinaceous composition of the exoskeleton enables it to bear a small amount of stress. 
  • Pathogens are also harmful to roaches and can cause malfunctioning of internal organs, so the exoskeleton doesn’t allow the entrance of bacteria and viruses inside the body.
  • It also keeps the internal organs and body parts of roaches intact.
  • Exoskeletons don’t allow the outflow of body fluids and prevent dehydration.

Therefore, any damage to the outer shell can cause sudden death of the roach by releasing the body fluids and causing dehydration.

In addition, bleach can also asphyxiate roaches by covering their respiratory pores called spiracles, which can result in roach death within 1 hour.

Method of Application

Bleach is a harsh chemical that can result in damage either to the drain pipe or to the person carrying out the process, so proper handling is mandatory.

I will guide you step-by-step, so by following these steps, you can carry out a successful process with 100 % results. So let’s move toward the method.

Step-1: Make a solution; for this, take bleach in a clean bottle and add warm water to double the quantity of bleach. This will dilute the chemical and make it safe for use.

Step-2: Now, pour the solution into the drain pipe unhurriedly.

Step-3: Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and let the bleach perform its action, as it takes time to get absorbed in the outer shell of a roach.

Step-4: Now cascade the water to get rid of dead bodies inside.

Step-5: Roaches release pathogenic secretion on death that can cause asthma and other respiratory disorders so ensure the removal of dead roaches from your drainage system.

Precautionary Measures

As I have stated earlier, bleach is a highly reactive chemical that has rusting abilities, so it can cause damage to your drain by reacting with iron and can also pose a threat to your health.

But there is no need to worry as I will provide some tips and tricks; I have used these preventive measures, and they turned out to be effective, so these are highly recommended.

  • Buy a new bottle for making bleach solution as it is highly reactive and can react with particles of other liquids.
  • Don’t open the water source just after pouring bleach into the drain pipes, as bleach requires a minimum of 10 minutes to perform its action.
  • Don’t add any other chemical to make bleach solution as the constituents of bleach can react with other chemicals making vapors of toxic gas.
  • If you just cleaned your drains 2 or 3 days ago by using baking soda or any other solution containing toxic chemicals, especially ammonia, then avoid the process.
  • Use lab coats, gloves, and glasses as bleach can react and generate poisonous vapors that can cause itching, burning of the skin, and eyes, coughing, vomiting, and confusion.

Does Baking Soda Kill Roaches in the Drain?

Baking soda can help you to kill cockroaches in your drainage system. It can be easily found in almost everyone’s house as it is a part of cooking.

So, what is baking soda used for? The answer is for the purpose of raising, so it works on the exact mechanism to kill roaches in drains.

Baking soda accumulates into the body of the roach, reaching its stomach, and builds gasses there which cause a sudden blast, and the roach dies.

The thing I like about baking soda is that it does not contain any harmful reactive chemicals, so it is safe for use. Moreover, it does not cause rusting reactions.

Steps to Follow

I have listed some steps; by following these, you can get effective results so let’s have a look.

Step-1: Take a measuring cut and add 8 tablespoons of baking soda to it.

Step-2: Baking soda is not reactive, so you can also add equal amounts of vinegar to it.

Step-3: Mix it well with the help of a spoon or any mixing utensil.

Step-4: Wait for 5 minutes and let the baking soda perform its action as it takes time to get absorbed in the outer shell of a roach.

Step-5: Now cascade the water to get rid of dead bodies inside.

Step-6: Roaches release pathogenic secretion on death that can cause asthma and other respiratory disorders so ensure the removal of dead roaches from your drainage system.

Does Boiling Water Kill Roaches in the Drain?

Cockroaches are known to live in a wide temperature range, but beyond the limit can cause damaging effects. Boiling water can cause the death of roaches, but it is not an efficient method.

Besides, there are chances of roach survival, so I will recommend adding toxic chemicals like ammonia to it. Follow the precautionary measures before carrying out the process.

As ammonia is a reactive chemical that can generate toxic vapors, besides it can cause itching, burning, and redness of the skin.

So don’t forget to wear gloves and protective glasses.

Is Vinegar Effective in Killing Drain Roaches?

I have tried using vinegar to kill roaches, but unfortunately, the results were disappointing, so I generally don’t recommend it to be used for killing roaches.

However, you can use it for cleaning purposes; it can kill microbes like vegetative forms of bacteria, so you can perform cleansing of drainage pipes after killing roaches.

Mix it in hot water and pour it into the drainage pipe. A continuous flow of vinegar and hot water can help to remove dead bodies and eggs of roaches effortlessly.

How to Make Drains Unappealing for Roaches?

As you have learned, all methods to kill roaches are in drains. Now you must have to block the ways of reinfestation, so I have provided some practical guidelines in this regard.

  • Keep your kitchen clean, as roaches usually come out of their shelter at night and head toward the kitchen to find food particles.
  • Roaches also love to reside in electronics such as microwaves, so switch them off and clean any leftover food particles in them.
  • Cover the entrance holes of drainage pipes in your kitchen and bathroom to block the entrance of roaches.
  • Buy drain cleaners and clean them once at least twice a week to remove blocked dirt and any other food source that can attract roaches.
  • Do Not place the garbage bags or cans near drains, as roaches will come there in search of food and can enter the drain for privacy.

Time  Taken by Different Chemicals to Kill Roaches

I have listed some chemicals and the duration they need to kill roaches so you can choose the most effective one by just reviewing the table at a glance.

NoChemicalsTime taken
1Bleach30 minutes-1 hour
2Ammonia30 minutes
3Borax72 hours
4Diatomaceous earth24 hours

Why Are Chemicals Not Suitable for Drains?

As you have noticed, I didn’t mention the use of insecticides or other chemicals available in the market, and we have discussed only DIY methods.

So let’s disclose the reasons behind it. 

  • Chemicals have the ability to carry out rusting or corrosion reactions that can damage your kitchen or bathroom drain.
  • They can carry out various reactions that result in toxic by-products, which are added to the surroundings and become part of our environment.
  • Chemicals are less effective and take more time to affect roaches.
  • Mishandling of these chemicals can also lead to bursting reactions that can destroy the whole water supply.
  • Borax is also a well-known chemical that is believed to kill roaches, but I will prefer the above-mentioned methods over borax as it can take 3 days to kill roaches.

Ending Lines:

In this blog, we have discussed what to pour down the drain to kill roaches. So you can use baking soda, boiling water with ammonia, and bleach to kill roaches in the drain.

I have also stated the proper steps to use each method, so read carefully and follow these steps correctly to achieve the best results.

Moreover, I will not recommend using borax or any other chemicals as they can ruin your drainage system and are less effective as compared to other methods.

You can use all the methods irrespective of the type of roach, as they are capable of killing any type of roach in your drainage system.


Are Drain Cleaners Capable of Killing Roaches?

Drain cleaners that are specially made to kill insects in the drain are capable of killing roaches like Drano, while standard cleaners are less effective and can also cause rusting reactions.

Why are Roaches Climbing the Drain?

Drains are a standard route of roaches as it contains debris and moisture, so keep your drains clean, especially one in the bathroom and kitchen, to avoid roaches.

Can I Use Borax to Kill Roaches in the Drain?

Borax can kill roaches by attacking the central nervous system, but it takes a couple of days to cause death; therefore, borax is not preferred to kill roaches.

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