Does killing a Cockroach attract more?

Cockroaches are filthy insects that are attracted to food and moisture, but does killing a cockroach attract more? 

In this article, I have provided the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions. So, if you are also searching for it and are desperate to know about this fact, then this blog is for you.

Cockroaches are irritating and annoying insects, and it is hard to get rid of them entirely; therefore, it is essential to know about the factors that attract them.

I have been doing research on roach extermination methods for a long time, so I ensure the validity of all the details provided in this blog.

Now, let’s move forward, as there is much more to find out.

Does Killing a Cockroach Attract More?

The short answer to this question is yes; killing a cockroach can result in a group of roaches being attracted to the place of action. This is because of the secretions and acid released by the dead body. Roaches are intelligent enough to detect a specific odor from the secretary material and process this odor as an indication of food.

Pheromones play a vital role in a cockroach’s life as this is a significant source of communication and detection of food. Moreover, when a roach dies, it releases oleic acid that attracts other roaches.

Studies have shown that cockroaches can eat the dead bodies of their group members when there is nothing to eat; this is also a reason for their attraction to dead roaches.

Fatty Acid Responsible for Attracting Cockroaches

As I have discussed above, secretions play a pivotal role in the life cycle of roaches; these take part in reproduction, detecting food, and transmission of messages.

Do you know that roaches don’t have vocal cords, which means that they can’t speak? How do they communicate? 

If you think that roaches show built-in responses and don’t interact, then you are wrong, as roaches do interact with their group members and exchange messages.

Roaches actually release pheromones having solid odors that are smelled by the receiver roach; these odors are decoded by the roach brain, so in this way, roaches interact.

Furthermore, roaches love the smell of fatty foods; when a roach dies, a fatty acid named oleic acid is released from its body that attracts roaches even from a distance.

However, the odor of oleic acid is strong and long-lasting, so it readily mixes up with the air. Roaches have a remarkable sense of smell, so they receive signals from far-off places. 

Properties of Oleic Acid

Now, let’s discuss some properties of oleic acid that are released by the dead body of a cockroach; it is a primary source of attraction for other insects, including cockroaches.

Oleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid having a double bond in its structure; its pungent smell and attractive ability make it unique among other fatty acids.

I have listed some chemical properties of this double-bond fatty acid in the table below, so let’s have a gist of enhancing our knowledge.

Molecular weight282.5
Boiling point286 degree C
Melting point13.4 degree C
Flash point189 degree C
Density0.895 at 25 degree C
Autoignition temperature363 degree C

Do Roaches Act Dead?

Have you ever gone through a situation in which you killed a cockroach, but after some time, the dead body disappeared on its own?

If it is so, then you will be amazed to know that the roach was not actually dead. I have gone through a lot of research on the behavioral aspects of roaches before writing this article.

So, if you also want to know about these aspects, keep reading. Roaches are species that have a sharp mind as they can detect harsh situations and can escape danger effortlessly.

So, it is hard to put roaches in unfavorable conditions and kill them. Any change in surroundings can ring a bell for an alarming situation in a roach’s brain.

To escape danger, they can also pretend to be dead. For Example, they roll on their back and move their legs as if they are yearning.

Such cockroaches are not actually dead, and they cannot attract other roaches as a chief sign of dead roaches is the secretion eliminated from the dead body. 

What to Do If Roaches are Get Attracted to Dead One?

If you have just killed a roach in order to take steps against infestation, but now you are facing a bunch of roaches due to the dead body, then don’t panic, as I am here to solve your problem.

You can deal with the situation wisely and take advantage of using the dead roach as a trap to kill the remaining cockroaches in your house.

You can use glue traps having sticky material inside so when roaches come in contact, they get stuck inside and can’t move.

Moreover, you can use baits containing poisonous chemicals that can kill roaches. Furthermore, insecticidal sprays can also help you out by killing roaches.

So take any of the above-mentioned products and apply them on the areas around the dead body or at frequently visited places by roaches, such as around dark corners, sinks, and sewer systems.

Can Cockroaches Eat a Killed Roach?

Now let’s discuss one of the possible reasons for cockroaches’ attraction towards dead bodies. You may have often heard about cruel animals that can eat their own family members.

You will be astonished to know that roaches are also included in these kinds. 

However, roaches are not cruel as they never eat their living companion and only feed on dead bodies, which they generally do not prefer.

This might happen if you have a significant infestation in your house because roaches only feed on dead bodies when they have nothing to eat.

When roaches increase in population, the strong roaches steal food sources from the weak ones; therefore, the latter is forced to feed on dead insects and cockroaches.

What to Do After Finding Dead Bodies Of Cockroaches?

Let’s assume that you have killed a cockroach and placed bait around the point of action; the following day, you have found a number of roaches dead, so what to do next?

If this happens, it means that you have a large roach infestation in your house, so it is time to take action against all of them, as they can pose serious health problems.

I advise you to call a professional pest controller to deal with an infestation if you don’t want to interact with them or are afraid of any mishap.

The pest exterminator can provide the following services:

  • They have modern equipment to remove infestations, such as IGR, that can inhibit the growth of existing roaches.
  • A professional person knows the use of chemicals and insecticide sprays consisting of poisonous formulations.
  • They will make sure that you don’t get the infestation again.
  • Roaches are attracted to leaking pipes, so a professional exterminator can also fix them.
  • A trained person will examine all the expected places where cockroaches can hide and will find out the hidden roaches to proceed further.
  • Dead roaches produce a smelly odor that can make the air in your house smelly, so a professional person can help you to get rid of such a putrid smell.

Steps Must be Taken After Killing a Cockroach

As you know that a dead cockroach can attract other cockroaches as well, so if you don’t want to face such a situation, you have to do some extra work after killing a roach.

I have listed some steps, so read them carefully and follow them if you don’t want to develop an infestation or increase the existing.

  1. Cleaning

As you know that oleic acid and other pheromones are the culprits that attract other roaches, so if you have just killed a roach, make sure to remove the dead body and clean the place.

If you have killed a roach by stepping on it, then clean your shoes as well as look for the body parts of the dead roach, such as legs, wings, and shell and discard them properly without leaving proof.

For cleaning, I prefer using disinfectants having roach-repellent odors; this will not only clean the oleic acid and other microorganisms but also repel roaches.

  1. Using Foggers

One practical and safe method to kill large numbers of cockroaches is by using foggers, which are also called roach bombs. 

This device releases the toxic insecticides into the air, when inhaled by roaches, cause destruction in their internal system, and they eventually die.

This method kills not only a single roach but also other roaches that are at higher risk of getting attracted to the dead body of a killed roach.

  1. Boric acid

If you don’t want other roaches to come to the funeral of their companion, then use bait to kill them. However, this is a slow process that can result in the death of a large population.

You can buy bait from the market but can also prepare one at home. For this, you need boric acid and sugar. Decide the quantity; take 2 tbsp of boric acid and mix 1 tbsp of sugar in it.

Sprinkle the mixture at dark corners of your basement, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, and furniture; this is one of the safest methods to kill cockroaches without attracting others.

What Does it Mean If Killing a Cockroach Attracts More?

If you have killed a cockroach but observed a lot more wandering around the dead body, it means there is a large roach infestation in your house, and you have to take steps against this situation.

As you know, roaches are attracted to secretions, and other cases are when they don’t get enough food to eat.

The shortage of food is due to a large number of roaches fighting for food, so don’t panic and use precautionary measures to avoid roaches.

You can call a professional pest eliminator, but there are some steps that you have to take at your end; this includes proper cleaning of the house.

Roaches are not only attracted to dead bodies, but leftover food crumbs and leaking pipes are also one of the leading causes of their attraction.

So get your hands on the vacuum cleaner and carry out a thorough cleaning process. You can also use soapy liquid and vinegar for cleaning purposes.

Inspect your house and look for other dead bodies and eggs of cockroaches that can even attract more; discard them and disinfect the area.

I also prefer to use distractors that can repel roaches; you can use some essential oils extracted from cedar wood and other plants such as cypress and lavender.

Ending Lines:

In this article, I have discussed: Does killing a cockroach attract more? So a short answer is yes, if you have killed a cockroach, it will result in a bunch of roaches in a few minutes.

I have stated the reasons behind roaches’ attraction, so read the entire article carefully to find the answer. Moreover, this is also a sign of roach infestation.

So, read the steps and find out what to do next. Furthermore, attracting more cockroaches also depends on the method adopted to kill a roach.

Therefore, always select a safe method and do proper cleaning after killing a cockroach. I hope you have learned something productive from this article.


Should You Kill a Cockroach?

If you have a significant infestation in your house, then it is better to kill a roach as it can cause health issues; however, removing the attractive sources and repelling the roach is preferable.

What are Roaches Attracted to the Most?

Roaches are attracted to the leftover sugary and fatty pieces of food and leaking water sources. Moreover, a pet diet is also a good source of attraction.

Do Cockroaches Smell Other Dead Roaches?

Yes, roaches can smell the oleic acid released from the dead body of their companions. Moreover, living roaches also have a musty smell that can attract other cockroaches.

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