Does Home Defense kill Roaches? How?

Are you looking for an answer to the question: Does home defense kill roaches? If it is so, then this blog is for you. In this article, I have mentioned details about ortho-home defense.

Roaches are hardy insects that don’t leave your house quickly once they get inside. Therefore, people are always in search of a reliable method that can help them kick roaches out.

So, if you are also facing roach infestation, then this article can definitely solve your problem. You will go through different products of ortho home defense, like baits and sprays.

Moreover, you will also learn about its working and the method of application. So this blog will be beneficial for you. 

Furthermore, I have been writing reviews on different roach-killing products for a long time and also keep on doing experiments to check their efficacy.

So, let’s get started.

Does Home Defense Kill Roaches?

The short answer to this question is yes, home defense is really an effective product to kill roaches. Ortho home defense is the name of a brand that encloses different roach-killing products, this includes baits and sprays. The unique thing about home defense is that you can even resist pests from coming back for about one year.

Ortho home defense is not only effective against cockroaches but can fight against ants, spiders, and flies. It has a unique spray system that includes a thin rod that doesn’t need a push.

Moreover, home defense products contain bifenthrin which is a toxic chemical that affects the transmission of nerves in cockroaches and eventually kills them within a few days.

What is Home Defense?

Before moving forward, I would like to state a short introduction to home defense. Ortho home defense is a brand that offers pesticidal sprays and baits to kill several insects.

The formula is such an effective pest killer that it can even prevent reinfestation and protect your house by creating a solid shield around it for more than one year.

Home defense is applicable for spiders, ants, roaches, and fleas also, so it is a multitasking product. Moreover, you can also use the bait of ortho-home defense.

It is easy to use as it contains a wand that just needs to be plugged in; after that, you just have to target the places to be sprayed.

So, it is convenient as it does not require any handwork except holding.

How Does Home Defense Work?

Now an essential matter of discussion is its working; you must be wondering how home defense kills roaches and other pests, so let’s raise the curtain.

I have done detailed research about its composition and found out that the active ingredient which is bifenthrin, is a chemical that is responsible for killing roaches and other pests.

Bifenthrin actually acts on the central nervous system and causes interference in the transmission of nerves. The loss of nerve transmission initially results in convulsions and, ultimately, death.

The sodium carriers present at different places, such as muscles and vessels, malfunction and do not perform their work correctly.

These channels are responsible for generating a stimulus that further travels to the brain; when their function becomes disturbed, no more stimulus in roaches is generated.

So, they can no longer detect the presence of food and regulate their body temperature; the ability to adapt internal functions is also diminished.

All these circumstances eventually lead roaches and other pests to death.

Lethal Values of Bifenthrin For Different Species

I have listed the values of the active chemical Bifenthrin that can cause the death of other animals. So let’s have a look.

NoAnimalsLethal Dose
1Mice43 mg/kg
2Trout0.00015 mg/L
3Female rats54 mg/kg
4Mallard Ducks1280 ppm
5Bluegill0.00035 mg/L

Different Products of Ortho Home Defence

As I have mentioned above, ortho home defense does not only offer sprays but also baits, so let’s discuss these products and the method you can adopt to use them.

  1. Ortho Home Defence Spray

If you saw a roach wandering in your kitchen or any other place, what would you do? In such circumstances, ortho home defense spray can help you by killing that particular roach.

Hold the spray and target the roach before it escapes the situation. Spray the solution on it by making sure that the exoskeleton is fully covered.

If you think that the spray is not enough, give it a double dose. This will cause the roach to do abnormal movements, and gradually these movements become slow.

However, if the roach escapes the situation, don’t worry if you have adequately sprayed the solution on it; the roach will die within a few days and also transfer the chemical to its companions.

  1. Ortho Home Defense Bait

The above solution is for the roach that you have come in contact with but what about the hidden roaches? Don’t worry, as I also have an effective solution for killing them.

Try using ortho home defense baits that can kill roaches by spreading a trap. These baits contain poison along with an attractive food for roaches so that they ingest the poison.

What you have to do is:

  • Buy home defense baits according to the area of your house.
  • Now place the baits at the most frequently visited areas by roaches.
  • Place the baits at a distance of about every 6 feet.
  • The kitchen, bathrooms, and corners must be kept in consideration while placing baits.
  • Roaches will ingest the bait and also send signals to their companions so that they can also get food; in this way, they ingest the poison and eventually die.

How Can I Create a Protective Shield Around My House?

Are you worried about reinfestation and want to protect your house for a long time? If it is so, then there is nothing better than home defense spray with a wand.

The indoor spray doesn’t bind you and allows you to spray anywhere, including kitchen areas, basements, and bathrooms. You can freely protect these areas from pest attacks.

Moreover, the formulation also creates a protective covering around your house for about one year which does not allow cockroaches to enter your house.

Concluding Lines:

In this blog, I have discussed a detailed answer to the question: Does home defense kill roaches? So, yes, it cannot only kill roaches but can set your house free from other pests as well.

Ortho home defense offers baits and spray that can protect your house from cockroaches for an appreciable amount of time.

Moreover, I have also discussed the active ingredient which is responsible for killing cockroaches and also the mechanism through which it leads pests to death.

So, read the article carefully for a better understanding. I hope this article will prove to be productive and effective in killing cockroaches, so best of luck!


How Long Does Home Defense Take to Kill Roaches?

It is a slow but effective process that can take 4 to 6 days to remove the complete infestation, so keep patience and don’t lose hope.

How Long Does Home Defense Last?

Once you spray the home defense solution in all the areas, it creates a repelling shield that can keep roaches at bay for about 1 year.

How Often Should You Spray Home Defense? 

For long-lasting effects and to avoid the infestation once again, it is preferred to use home defense after every 90 days.

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