Does Ajax powder kill Roaches?

Cockroaches are the most stubborn insects of all time. Therefore you might be looking for Does ajax powder kill roaches?

Several products in the market are used to treat roach infestation, but people are often confused about their work and effectiveness.

I am here to solve this problem, so for this, you have to read the entire blog because it not only contains the answer to your question but will also provide you with some additional guidance.

I have been experimenting with different cleaners and insecticides on roaches for a long time, so you will not be disappointed by the details provided here. So, let’s begin!

Does Ajax Powder Kill Roaches?

Ajax powder is used to disinfect places, removing disease-causing pathogens, and it performs well in this field, but it lacks in this area when it comes to killing roaches. You can use ajax powder to keep roaches away but can’t effectively kill them; although it can kill them, there are more chances of survival when exposed to ajax powder.

If you want to kill roaches by using ajax powder, make a solution and try to drown it, the simple spray is not practical, and roaches are good at sensing danger, so they may escape.

This will increase the chances of roach death by entering the spiracles and cutting out the oxygen supply. 

What is Ajax Powder?

Ajax powder and ajax dishwashing liquids are well known for cleaning purposes. They are not mainly insecticides but can be used on roaches and insects to kill or keep them away.

Ajax powder is mainly used in the US. You can use ajax powder to clean dirty dishes. It will not only clean them from oil and grease but also remove pathogens from them.

So it is also used to disinfect things. If you have crawling babies in your house, then clean your floors by mixing ajax powder in water on vinegar. 

Moreover, it also helps to clean utensils, specifically stainless steel. Some people also use it to clean bathrooms. Its composition involves chemicals that produce a sweet fragrance.

But, the roaches’ antennae feel this smell irritating and tend to ignore it.

Composition of Ajax Powder

Let’s see what components help in keeping roaches away or killing them.

1Calcium carbonate
2Sodium Dodecyl benzene Sulfonate
3Soda ash
5Anionic surfactants
7Trichloroisocyanuric acid

Is Ajax Powder Effective in Killing Roaches?

As I have discussed above, ajax powder kills roaches, but it depends on the method you apply to use ajax powder for killing them.

I experimented with checking the effectiveness of ajax powder. For this, I searched for a roach first. Roaches love darkness, so I carried out a search operation at night.

I looked for them in kitchens, bathrooms, cracks on walls, and water pipes, so guess what? I found one in the bathroom. Roaches are remarkably efficient in running.

These insects have wings, but they don’t have the ability to carry their weight for a long time, so they only glide and prefer their legs to move from one place to another.

It is tough to catch a roach because it can sense danger through tiny hairs present on its legs and antennae present on its thorax.

They feel fear of anything significant in size, such as humans, so on seeing humans, their neurons and pain receptors generate signals and send them to the brain. 

In response to this stimulus of fear, the brain sends signals to its muscles to move. Therefore I missed them, so I used a trap.

I bought a glue trap from the market, placed it near places at higher risk, and found one roach in the trap near the bathroom.

I sprayed the solution of ajax mixed with water on it. It started running and eventually escaped. This proves that ajax powder contains some repellents that cause roaches to move away.

Then the next step was to drown a roach in a tub containing ajax powder. I formed a solution containing ajax and water and placed a roach bait near it.

Roach bait works by attracting roaches as they contain food that cockroaches love to eat, like sugars and fats. 

As soon as the roach came near the air, I removed the bait to protect it from consuming poison present in it because I only wanted to know the effect of ajax powder on the roach.

I put the roach in the solution tub and made sure that it could not come out of it. It only took a few minutes, and the roach died.

I will conclude the results of this experiment in the next heading, so keep reading.

How Does Ajax Powder Kill Roaches?

As we have seen, drowning the cockroach in ajax powder is effective in killing it, but how is this possible, and why doesn’t the spraying work?

Actually, the solution of ajax powder enters the body of the roach through openings present in the thorax and abdomen for the entrance of air.

This solution helps to cut out the oxygen supply and doesn’t let cockroaches open spiracles; therefore, roaches are suffocated, and they die due to lack of oxygen.

As oxygen is vital for cells to live and also crucial for other organs, shortage results in the death of organs, tissue damage, and eventually death.

Can I Mix Ajax with Bleach to Kill a Roach?

As you know, bleach contains special chemicals that are specific for killing microorganisms; therefore, some people often mix ajax with bleach to get better results.

It can kill cockroaches, but it can pose serious health effects. Both these chemicals produce a toxic foam containing chlorine gas in it.

Chlorine gas can cause problems in the eyes, skin, and lungs. It causes the following symptoms.

  • Burning of eyes
  • Swelling of eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Coughing
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Burning skin
  • Swelling and excessive burning on the nose.

Safety Measures to Use Ajax Powder to Kill a Roach

Ajax powder contains chemicals, so whether you are using powder form or liquid dishwasher, you have to follow some precautionary measures to avoid any damage to your health.

  • Wear gloves to avoid interaction with hands.
  • Also, use a mask to avoid the fumes or gas produced by the solution.
  • Don’t use unchecked quantities.
  • Don’t use it in excess on floors.
  • Store the Ajax powder in a safe place.

Concluding Lines:

In this composition, we have found the answer to the question: Does Ajax powder kill roaches?

Ajax powder can’t control the infestation. However, it can kill a roach if a roach is drowned in it.

Spraying Ajax liquid dishwashers is not very effective in killing roaches. So I advise you to use it as a cleaning agent only and don’t add borax to it as it can pose serious health issues.

I hope you find this article helpful.


Can Ajax Remove Molds?

Some Ajax sprays and cleansers are specifically designed to kill all types of molds, so you can use such sprays to disinfect your home from molds that cause food spoilage.

Can Ajax Remove Stains?

Yes, Ajax can also be used to remove stains from clothes. It does not remove stains independently but can assist other specific stain removals in removing oil stains.

Can I use Ajax to Clean Toilets?

Yes, Ajax is also used to clean stains and germs from toilets; it contains all the essential formulas and chemicals that can help to clean it.

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