Do Cockroaches Crawl in your Ear when you sleep?

You have often heard about crawling cockroaches and some horror stories in which cockroaches crawl inside humans but do cockroaches crawl in your ear when you sleep?

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Do Cockroaches Crawl in Your Ear When You Sleep?

Yes, cockroaches can crawl into your ears for the sake of survival. A large population of cockroaches forces weak ones to attack humans for shelter and food, which is only possible when they sleep at night. Hence, roaches invade ears and are attracted to them because of a specific odor produced by wax present inside that can assist roaches in their living.

Moreover, cockroaches also need darkness to lay eggs and to create a comfort zone. Therefore, our dark ears can attract roaches; they can crawl inside and lay eggs there.

The entrance of roaches is effortless as they can enter small holes, but it may be hard for large-sized roaches to get out of ears which can also result in death due to lack of moisture.

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Human Ears?

I have conducted research according to which cockroaches are attracted to human ears, and the main reason is that they find favorable conditions there.

Cockroaches need warm and tight places because they feel comfortable in high temperatures and it also increases their reproduction rate. Human ears have all these to offer roaches.

Moreover, roaches need food for their survival, and they first head towards foods that are edible for humans, but if they don’t find such foods, they feed on plastic, paper, hair, and much more.

Roaches can eat almost everything having organic sources, so they enter our ears to eat earwax which provides us protection from foreign particles.

Why Does Earwax Attract Cockroaches?

As I have mentioned above, roaches are attracted to human ears because of the warm temperature, small spaces, and earwax that provides roaches with a material to feed on.

But how do cockroaches come to know about earwax, and how do they detect it? Cockroaches find their food by identifying their odors.

Cockroaches have well-developed minds that can store the memory of scents, fragrances, or odors. Some scents attract roaches, while others repel them by generating fear stimuli.

Same in the case of earwax, a specific odor is produced by wet or dry earwax present inside our ear; cockroaches detect this smell with the help of their antennae which generates impulses.

These impulses travel to the brain, and the brain receives this stimulus as the presence of food and informs cockroaches to go inside to feed on earwax.

Can Cockroaches Survive in Human Ears?

Cockroaches don’t use our ears as a permanent place to live; they only choose ears as a last option to help them to survive. As you have seen, ears are captivating due to earwax.

 Cockroaches crawl inside ears to feed on earwax and usually come out after feeding, but they can spend some time inside because of the pleasant warm temperature and darkness.

Moreover, they can even lay eggs there and can quickly move in and out of the ear as they can adapt their bodies to enter small holes.

I have also gone through a case in which a roach crawled inside a man’s ear and traveled to the brain but this is a rare case as they only spend some time feeding in the inner ear and coming out.

But how do they get stuck inside? Large-sized roaches can only enter inside the human ear but face difficulties in coming out, so they remain inside and need to be taken out by treatment.

Cases Reported From Different Regions.

People from different regions suffered infections due to the crawling of cockroaches inside their ears. I have listed these in the table below.

124South africa
298Los Angeles

Do Cockroaches Rest in the Human Ear?

Cockroaches may find your ear a fantastic place to take rest and sleep. This is because ours has small spaces and it is darker inside.

Cockroaches love a place that is tight, small, and dark as it provides protection and a warm temperature. So they can sleep in your ears during the night.

However, it is not common because roaches only invade our ears to get food, and they leave them after feeding if they are smaller in size; otherwise they get stuck.

Moreover, cockroaches can only do so during the night, and most cockroaches are active during this period, so they don’t consider resting and sleeping inside.

How Long Can a Cockroach Survive in Our Ears?

The survival of roaches depends upon different factors. These are food, moisture content, temperature, and safety.

As you know, our ears contain protection unless you come to know about a roach presence inside and follow some methods to remove it.

So a cockroach inside your ear is safe while you are sleeping. The next factor is food. Cockroaches have nothing to feed inside the human ear instead of earwax.

Moreover, cockroaches are small insects, so they need a small amount of food to survive, depending on the amount of earwax.

Besides, roaches can still survive without earwax for about one month. The following factors are moisture content and temperature. There are two types of wax inside our ears, dry and wet.

Wet wax can provide a small amount of moisture to roaches which can help them to survive if dry wax is deprived of this small amount of water.

So, cockroaches can survive only for a week without moisture; after that, they become dehydrated and die inside.

Can We Kill Roaches Inside Our Ears?

As I have discussed above, roaches can die after one week if they don’t get water there and can even die after one month without food, but this is for roaches that become stuck inside.

However, roaches only stay inside for a short time during the night and then come out. But is there anything else that can kill the stuck cockroach? The answer is yes.

You can crush a cockroach inside your inner ear by bumping something inside for clean ears like Q-tips, or you can also do this by pressing the ear.

But these conditions not only cause damage to cockroaches but can also pose severe damage to your ear canal. You can also push the roach toward your internal structures.

But don’t worry, as roaches need protection and they don’t like disturbance, so if you keep changing your sides while sleeping, it will disturb the cockroach, and it will move out.

I would also like to add something more informative. As I have said earlier, cockroaches choose the human ear as their last option.

So, the cockroach in your ear is most probably a weak one that is unable to compete for food. Such a weak and small cockroach can even die by pressing or scratching its ears.

What Do Roaches Need from Humans?

Studies have shown that cockroaches don’t like humans just as humans don’t like them, so they both have the same feelings for each other.

Cockroaches are afraid of humans, and they don’t like to interact with them; therefore, they only come out at night for food. But, some conditions force them to attack humans at night.

Small cockroaches that are unable to compete with large-sized roaches attack humans at night for food. As cockroaches can eat anything that is natural so they can feed on our hair, nails, and skin.

Cockroaches bite and pick the peeled skin cells; they may be attracted to hair if they are oily and can also enter inside ears by smelling earwax.

Why Do Cockroaches Crawl Inside Human Ears At Night?

A question may be stuck in your mind from the beginning of this blog: why do roaches only attack at night? The answer is so simple.

As you already know that roaches prefer darkness because they need protection and don’t want to become apparent to their predators.

They also avoid humans and are afraid of them because we humans are large as compared to cockroaches and immediately attack roaches after catching their sight.

So roaches feel comfortable at night because we are sleeping and unconscious, so crawling at night is their compulsion.

Can Cockroaches Lay Eggs in Our Ears?

I have concluded from different research studies that cockroaches only lay eggs in our ears when there is no other compatible place.

So, our ears are not a preferable place for roaches to breed because cockroaches need enough space, but ears are so small that a giant cockroach can even get stuck inside.

Besides, cockroaches lay eggs where there is darkness and zero disturbance; these conditions are proper for ears only while we are sleeping.

During the waking period, our ears are exposed to light; we clean them by inserting earbuds and also scratch them; we also keep on moving.

All these activities disturb cockroaches’ eggs. So they only lay eggs there when there is no other option or if they crawl inside our ears during the night and mistakenly consider it a safe place.

Small cockroaches are more likely to lay eggs inside human ears as compared to larger ones.

Can You Feel a Cockroach in Your Ear?

I have mentioned some signs and symptoms of the presence of a roach inside your ears, so read these signs carefully. 

If you experience any of these, don’t ignore them; instead, move to the nearest hospital and consult a doctor.

  • A slight hissing or buzzing sound like a bee inside ears.
  • Irritation and continuous pain.
  • Difficulty in hearing.
  • Swelling and redness inside and outside ears.
  • The sensation of something biting and crawling.

However, most cockroaches limit their way to the inner ear, and they can be easily noticed by someone around you as they are not so small as ants.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, don’t use your fingers to press or scratch your ears because this can lead to complete hair loss.

A cockroach can bump into eardrums by pushing, which can cause serious problems.

Can a Cockroach Travel from Ear to Brain?

I have heard many people explaining these horror scenes of cockroaches entering the brain, but this is technically impossible.

Cockroaches can enter ears and can get inside the ear canal, and can bump into eardrums, but they cannot enter our brain as it has a protective bone outside which is known as the skull.

The biting structures of cockroaches are not strong enough to cause damage to bones, so there is no way for roaches to enter our brains, but it can indirectly pose damage to the brain.

Actually, cockroaches carry harmful pathogens that can cause severe infections inside the ears if they invade them. This infection can also affect our forehead and nose spaces.

Moreover, this infection can also affect our brains, damaging our nerves.

Is Killing a Cockroach Inside the Ear Safe?

If you notice a cockroach inside your ear, I advise you to consult a doctor immediately instead of treating or crushing it yourself because you may harm your eardrum.

Besides, a dead cockroach is more harmful than a living one because a dead cockroach releases a secretion that is oily, thick, and smelly. 

This secretion contains harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses that can cause life-threatening infections inside the ears.

Moreover, the secretion also attracts other roaches because of a significant smell. So if you notice any symptoms, move to the doctor. 

He will kill the cockroach inside and remove all its parts and materials; he will also suggest some medicines and treatments for infection spread by cockroaches.

Ending Lines:

In this blog, we have found the answer: Do cockroaches crawl in your ear when you sleep? So if you have read the entire blog with attention, you will have got the answer.

Cockroaches can crawl in your ears, and they are one of the most common insects invading human ears but don’t worry, as I have also guided you on what to do if you have one in your ear.

I hope you have learned something informative.


How Do You Flush Roaches Out of Your Ear?

If you don’t want to go to a doctor and treat it yourself, take warm water or any essential oil and pour it in your ear, this will cause a cockroach to move out, but this only works if it is dead.

How Common is It For a Roach to Crawl Into Your Ear?

If you have a large roach infestation and a habit of eating on the bed, there is a 20 % chance that cockroaches will crawl inside your ears.

Why Does My Ear Feel Like Something Crawling in It?

Consult a doctor, and he or she will examine your ear thoroughly; besides, it is not necessary that a roach is a culprit; sometimes, earwax also causes problems.

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