Can Cockroaches Lay Eggs in your Hair? Facts

Have you found a cockroach in your hair and now thinking, can cockroaches lay eggs in your hair or not? If it is so, then this composition is for you.

Cockroaches are tiny insects that can even attack your hair for food because hair contains fat and protein that can help cockroaches to survive.

So In this blog, I have mentioned why cockroaches invade our hair and whether they will lay eggs there or not. I have also discussed the solution if you find any eggs in your hair.

I have been doing research on cockroaches for a long time and would love to share all these details and facts with you. So let’s begin.

Can Cockroaches Lay Eggs in Your Hair?

Many cockroaches in any place result in more competition for survival. This tough competition can force cockroaches to choose their hair as their food, and they can even lay eggs there, but it is not shared. Cockroaches’ eggs are slightly oversized and can’t stick to our hair, so we can also get rid of them quickly due to weak grip.

Moreover, you can quickly feel a cockroach crawling on you due to irritation and can get rid of it before it lays eggs in your hair.

In addition, roaches prefer a peaceful place to lay eggs while we often run our hands through hair which can disturb a cockroach.

Can Cockroaches Get Into Our Hair?

Our hairs are made up of protein which can help roaches grow. In addition, our head also contains oil-producing glands that make our hair covered with oil. 

Both protein and fat are essential for cockroaches, and they can survive on these two. Cockroaches are competing insects.

Strong cockroaches don’t let weak ones get food and shelter, which forces them to head towards other products instead of food, such as hairs, nails, human skin, papers, and plastic.

And as I have discussed earlier, our hair also contains nutrients that can provide enough nourishment to roaches; therefore, they can invade our hair.

The notable point is that they can only do this at night when you are sleeping because they are afraid of humans, but the urge to survive and the unconsciousness of humans make them brave.

Hatching Period of Different Cockroaches

There are almost more than 4000 species of cockroaches, with some similarities and differences. I have listed the gestation period of some of the common roaches.

No CockroachHatching Period
1German28 days
2American44 days
3Oriental60 days
4Brown banded50 days

Can Cockroaches Use Their Hair to Reproduce?

Eggs of cockroaches are slightly larger in size as compared to a lice egg as it is minimal. 

That is why a lice egg can attach to our thin and smooth hairs, but it is difficult for a cockroach egg to stick there. 

Moreover, cockroaches need some specific conditions to reproduce. Without these, roaches don’t detach ootheca from their bodies.

  • The environment of our head lacks that specific warm temperature; therefore, cockroaches don’t find our hair a suitable place to reproduce. 
  • In addition, cockroaches cannot lay eggs in moisture. 
  • Our hair contains oily glands that produce oil which gives our hair an oily texture. 
  • They can lay eggs, but the eggs will not remain safe as we can detect and remove them due to their size.
  • The eggs can also be removed easily by washing their hair.

What to Do If I Found Cockroach Eggs in My Hair?

If you have detected roach eggs in your hair, don’t need to panic, as I am here to guide you on what to do next.

  • Use an insect growth regulator on the egg, which disturbs the further development of the egg.
  • You can also use insecticide sprays that will harm the eggs inside the egg mass.
  • Squeeze the egg with a little force; this will break the protective shell of the egg.
  • After squeezing or bursting the egg, make sure to clean the parts, as these leftover parts can cause various diseases like asthma.
  • If the eggs are just hatched out of ootheca, and you don’t want to interact with them directly with any of your body parts, then use boric acid to kill them.
  • You can also wash your hair with shampoo; this will also remove the eggs quickly.

Summarizing Lines:

In this column, we have found the answer to the question: Can cockroaches lay eggs in your hair?

So, cockroaches can get into our hair and lay eggs, but we can remove them effortlessly.

So, hairs are not a suitable place for roaches to lay eggs. Therefore, it is a rare phenomenon. Nevertheless, I hope you have found this article helpful and learned something new.


Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs in the Human Ear?

Yes, cockroaches can lay eggs there due to warm temperatures and darkness, which provide a protective environment for laying eggs and can also cause damage to the ear canal.

What Happens When a Roach Uses its Biting Structures on You?

A cockroach can bite you, but it is not shared. Cockroach bites can cause redness, but those allergic to roaches can often develop rashes, swelling, and breathing difficulties.

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Hair?

Cockroaches are attracted to hair because they have nothing to eat; our hairs contain a layer of fat, which is an appealing nutrient for roaches.

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