What Do Cockroaches Eggs Look Like?

Do you want to carry out a search operation against cockroach eggs? If I am right, this blog post is for you as here I will discuss what do cockroaches’ eggs look like.

After reading this article, you can identify and differentiate among the eggs of different cockroaches. Moreover, I will guide you on what to do next.

Moreover, you will learn about the appearance of roach eggs based on size, color, and other characteristics.

I have gone through a lot of research on cockroach eggs and many other bugs, so I will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin this journey of gaining information.

What Do Cockroaches Eggs Look Like?

Roaches eggs are like small lung-shaped complex cases; the egg case often refers to a bean because of its resemblance. The egg case is known as ootheca enclosing 12 to 48 baby roaches inside. The appearance of roach eggs also depends on their species. For example, the egg case may contain black, tan, and dark brown colors representing its type.

Moreover, some egg cases are smaller than others, and cockroaches having smaller egg bags include German and American, with a case length of 8 mm.

On the other hand, females from oriental and smoky brown species can produce egg capsules that are 12 mm in length. Such species need to protect their eggs as they are more apparent.

The Appearance of Cockroach Eggs with and without Nymphs

As you know, cockroaches are not among those animals or insects that develop a single egg and carry out the development inside or outside the mother’s body.

Besides, roach females develop ootheca, also known as egg capsules or egg cases, and it is referred to as roach eggs. This ootheca is made of several proteins that provide toughness to its structure.

The egg is white at the initial stage; as time passes by, it gains dark color, which demonstrates the deposition of protein in its structure.

Do you know that cockroach eggs change their appearance? If not, no need to worry as I will provide you with all the details. 

The shape, size, and color of roach eggs depend on the type of roach.

Brown-banded roaches are known to lay egg cases that are the smallest among the ootheca of their fellow species. I measured one of the eggs from this species which was 5 mm in length.

I have observed light brown to darkish black eggs enclosing small baby roaches, which develop inside and come out after growth.

So, let’s come to the main point: an egg case of any cockroach species has something in common: an elongated lining or crack running vertically.

This line is also known as the gateway for baby roaches. During development, it looks like a vertical line, while after development, it converts into a resounding crack.

When baby roaches are ready to come out, this crack looks like a door opening for making a route; the area swells and stretches.

Nymphs come out, and the egg case regains its shape; the crack reconverts into a single raised line along the length, and the process ends.

How Big are Cockroach Eggs?

Roach infestation can cause serious health issues, and ootheca or eggs of cockroaches are the main culprits, as you have seen that it may contain 14 to 50 baby cockroaches inside.

So, if you find any cockroaches wandering, I suggest you search for roach eggs and kill them first, as they can increase your depression.

You can only identify roach eggs if you know about their appearance. But don’t worry, as I will provide you with complete details, so keep reading.

Cockroach eggs are small in size, and although they vary in size, color, and number of babies inside,, they all have something in common which is: shape.

Cockroaches’ oothecae are lung-shaped small capsules. So let’s have a look at the size and colors of oothecae belonging to different species.

NoCockroach typeEgg colorEgg size
1GermanLight brown⅓ inches/8mm
2AmericanBlack⅓ inches/8mm
3Brown-bandedPale brown¼ inches/5mm
4AustralianDark brown¼ inches/5mm
5OrientalPure black½ inches/12mm
6Smoky brownDark brown½ inches/12mm

So now you can find cockroaches’ eggs and kill them to avoid further infestation.

Location of Roaches Eggs

To control roach infestation, the first step is finding their eggs, and I hope you understand its significance. Now it’s time to find exact places where they can lay eggs.

As I have mentioned earlier, the behavior of roaches varies from species to species, whether it is the number of babies in an egg or the location to hide them.

So let’s find out the locations where different cockroaches lay their eggs. Some species of insects first develop egg mass and keep them inside their body until the complete development.

While others hide their egg sacs in dark places after carrying them for some days during the initial stages of development.

  • American species: I observed eggs of this species, mainly in the dark corners of the kitchen and behind fridges which means they lay egg masses where the food is accessible.
  • Brown-banded: The females from this species detach the egg mass from their bodies and attach them to irregular surfaces.
  • Oriental: They carry their oothecae for some days during development and then place them in places that have minimum light exposure; they are protective of their eggs.
  • Smoky-brown: Such females find small places closed, like cracks in walls of kitchens and bathrooms, because they also prefer moist places.
  • German: The females from this species develop their babies inside egg masses attached to their bodies. 

What Do Cockroaches’ Nests Look Like?

Before answering this question, I want you to consider whether cockroaches have a nest or not. The word nest is mainly associated with birds, and roaches are not included in birds but insects.

This raises doubt about cockroaches having nests, so yes, you have guessed right, cockroaches don’t make their nests, but they place their egg cases where there is no light exposure.

Most roach females produce ootheca attached to their abdomen; they carry it with them unless they find a suitable place to lay it.

So the location where roaches stick their eggs can be called their nests. Now, you must be desperate to know what these places and so-called nests look like.

If you have ever faced roach infestation, you may be aware of the appearance of places where roaches stick their eggs.

Actually, female roaches are protective of their eggs and consider remaining close to them; they release the excretory material and secretions there and also bring food to those places.

So, you will find all the above-mentioned things there, like leftover food, droppings, and egg shells.

Do Cockroaches Have Tongues?

Animals, along with some insects, have many things in common with humans, and this often raises questions like do roaches have brains or do they have tongues, etc.

So let’s disclose this query, the short answer to this question is no, they don’t have tongues, so how do they taste?

Roaches don’t have tongues, but they do prefer food on the basis of taste and can remember the taste; therefore, some roaches love sugars, while some love rotten commodities.

Although they are deprived of a tongue but have long and thin hairs for taste, these hairs are present at different locations, mainly on the legs and some around their mouth opening.

You must be wondering how hairs can provide a sense of taste. Actually, these hairs contain sensory endings.

When food comes in contact with hairs, these endings generate impulses that travel to the brain carrying the message of the taste of a particular commodity.

Do Cockroaches Have Tails?

If you have ever observed a roach keenly, you may have noticed two long thin hairs behind its abdomen; some people consider them the tail of a roach.

However, it is not fully developed like other animals that have tails. Some researchers have named the hair protruding from the abdomen as a roach tail.

In terms of appearance, it is small hair that is thick as compared to others on a roach body, such as legs and mouth.

These are two in number and v-shaped. Moreover, just like other hairs on cockroach bodies, they are also capable of tasting and smelling.

Summarizing Lines:

Eggs are one of the leading causes of infestation, so you must have to remove eggs first; for this, it is necessary to know what do cockroaches’ eggs look like.

In this blog post, I have mentioned all the details which can help you to find out roach eggs; you can even differentiate among different species on the basis of eggs.

So read the entire composition carefully and consider removing eggs after finding them before they get hatched and give rise to several baby roaches.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the appearance of roach eggs and to learn something productive and unique.


Can You See a Cockroach Egg?

The cockroach egg is not so small to see with the naked eye, as the smallest egg is 5 mm in length, so you can observe it with the help of your eyes; however, you have to work hard.

Where Do Cockroaches Lay Their Eggs?

Cockroaches prefer laying eggs at places that have easy access to food and mixture; besides, they must be safe so they can lay eggs in bathrooms, kitchens, and cracks.

Do Cockroaches’ Eggs Look Like Rice?

This depends on one’s thinking; however, the smallest egg sacs can give the appearance of rice, although light-colored look like black-eyed peas, while dark-colored egg sacs look like beans.

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