Can Cockroach Eggs hatch inside a Human body?

Cockroaches are dirty insects that can crawl on you at night in search of food but can cockroaches enter our body and lay eggs, and can cockroaches’ eggs hatch inside a human?

In this blog post, I will answer all these questions and add something to your knowledge; for this, you have to read the entire article.

If you have ever heard about cockroaches entering the human body through the mouth or ear, you may have a curiosity in your mind about whether they cause any damage on entering or not.

I have been doing research on cockroaches for a long time, so I can provide valid information; now, let’s get started without further delay.

Can Cockroach Eggs Hatch Inside a Human?

Cockroaches can choose human body parts such as hair and nails as their food. There is also evidence of cockroaches making their way to the human ear, probably because of waxy particles and darkness. If a roach gets inside a human body, it can also lay eggs because of the safe environment and darkness, but eggs cannot hatch inside a human.

The notable point here is that if cockroaches get inside the human body from the ear, they can lay eggs there and hatch, but if roaches use the mouth for this purpose, it will not work.

Can a Cockroach Get Inside a Human Body?

You have often heard about some myths and stories that prove that cockroaches can enter a human body; they can lay eggs there and develop an infestation.

Although it is not entirely true, this statement is partially correct. Let me explain to you why. Actually, cockroaches’ main goal is to survive, and they struggle to achieve this.

When there are a small number of cockroaches at any place, the competition for survival is also less, so cockroaches don’t go for other choices and only feed on foods that are edible for humans.

But what if there are a large number of cockroaches in your house or apartment? Cockroaches compete for food and shelter, and strong roaches create hurdles for weak ones to get food.

Such roaches, therefore, go for some other options like human skin, nails, and hair. They usually come out at night and attack humans when they are sleeping.

Cockroaches are afraid of humans, but they become brave and can attack when you are sleeping.

As you know, there is a sticky material in our ears.

So, it is possible for roaches to get inside our ears because they are so small and can enter small spaces by squeezing their body and changing their body shape.

Moreover, I have also seen most cockroaches heading towards darker places because they love to hide, so they can also attract our ears due to dullness.

Can Cockroaches Get Inside Our Ears?

Yes, cockroaches can get inside your ear and also lay eggs there. As I have mentioned above, roaches are attracted to our ears because of no light and wax.

Moreover, cockroaches also need warm temperatures for their growth and reproduction, which is provided by our ears. So, the ear is a perfect place for a roach to get in.

I found a report containing some stories and evidence of the presence of cockroaches in human ears. Various people from different areas reported some cases.

A man reported that he had a severe infestation of roaches in his home. One day he felt something sharp in his ears. He experienced extreme pain and moved toward the nearest hospital.

The doctor examined his ear and found a roach inside his ear canal. He used some type of injection to kill a roach and then operated to take it out.

The man was amazed to know about the species of that cockroach; it was one of the cockroaches present in his house.

Moreover, the doctor also found 4 egg bags in his ear containing almost 50 eggs; this proves that roaches can also lay eggs inside your ears.

Because of the warm environment of the ear, there are more chances of a cockroach entering your ear in cold temperatures because roaches are always in search of warm places.

They also migrate in cold weather and search for shelters that provide enough temperature for their eggs and their growth.

Why Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs in Our Ears?

There are many suitable conditions that are provided by the human ear, and due to this, roaches find the human ear a suitable place to lay eggs.

I have discussed some of these reasons so let’s have a look.

  • Cockroaches need a safe place to lay eggs, and they consider our ears a protective place because it is darker inside and there is no exposure to light.
  • Cockroaches are not afraid of sleeping humans because, in sleeping conditions, we can’t move and disturb them.
  • Cockroaches like small and tight places to lay eggs.
  • Our ear provides the necessary warm temperature for the growth of eggs inside the ootheca.
  • The wax inside our ear provides a small amount of moisture that is required by a cockroach for standard body processing.
  • The wax inside our ear produces a specific odor that attracts cockroaches to go inside and lay eggs.

So you have seen that ours has everything to offer a roach, so if you have large colonies of cockroaches in your house, use methods for your protection.

In addition, the spaces inside our ears are not enough to allow large-sized cockroaches to lay eggs there; therefore, American roaches are less likely to enter inside the ear than German cockroaches.

Egg Size of Different Cockroaches

Cockroaches have almost 4000 species, each with different characteristics like color, size of their body, and even the size of an egg laid by them. 

I have listed some roaches and their egg size so you can easily distinguish between them.

NOCockroachesEgg size
1German cockroach6 to 9mm
2American cockroach8 mm
3Brown banded cockroach5 mm
4Oriental cockroach8 to 10 mm

What to Do If a Cockroach Lays Eggs Inside Your Body?

As you know that roaches can enter our body, and the easiest route is through our ears; this looks horrible and terrifying as a cockroach can also make its way to our brain through the ear.

Cockroaches can cause damage to nerves in the brain, which can lead to death and also some severe infections. But don’t need to be afraid.

If you have a large number of roaches in your home, use methods to remove them, like insecticides, roach baits, and traps, and if none of these methods works, call the professional.

Always clean your bed before sleeping, and don’t leave food behind. Place the leftover food in your kitchen instead of the side table near your sleeping place.

If you feel something moving inside your ear or any sharp pain, then go to the doctor immediately. Don’t try to treat it yourself. 

If you want to do something, then take some olive oil and pour it into your ear.

Which Cockroach is Most Likely to Lay Eggs Inside the Human body?

As I have mentioned above, the spaces in our ears are not enough to allow large-sized cockroaches to lay eggs there like American cockroaches.

So the cockroach species which is most likely to make its way to the human ear is the German cockroach. So let’s get some information about this species.

German Roaches

German cockroaches are included in one of the most common species of cockroaches. Their scientific name is Blattella germanica.

In terms of appearance, it is small, dark brown to black in color, and small linings are present on its body; it has wings but, like most cockroaches, can’t fly high.

However, it can glide from small heights. It carries various disease-causing bacteria like salmonella, bacillus, and many others.

German cockroaches love to hide near kitchens in our houses, restaurants, and hotels so that they can get access to food and water. Moreover, they are also found in bathrooms.

The reason for their presence in bathrooms is the availability of moisture which they need to carry out body processes. They are also placed at high temperatures.

Warm temperatures positively affect their growth rate. They love to hide and only come at night for food and water. These roaches are significantly linked with sanitation.

As they are attracted to dirty things. If you want to carry out a search operation against German roaches, I suggest you do it at night.

But if you see a German cockroach in the daytime, it means that your house has a severe infestation, and brutal competition forces that particular Roach to look for food during the day.

Can Cockroaches Lay Eggs on Your Skin?

Many insects and bugs are known to enter human skin and carry out their reproduction process, but cockroaches won’t make a hole in your skin and lay eggs there.

However, they can enter your brain by making their way through human air; they can lay oothecae there and implant these egg bags at the darkest place there. 

Cockroaches can also enter your mouth, but they can’t lay eggs there because the secretions in the mouth don’t allow eggs to develop inside egg masses and die. 

Besides, cockroaches can use human skin as their food and cause various skin allergies by biting on your skin.

Concluding Lines

In this blog, I have discussed, can cockroach eggs hatch inside a human and which parts of the human body serve as a route for cockroaches to get inside and lay eggs there.

I hope you have learned something interesting from this blog, so if you have an infestation in your house, make sure to get rid of it as early as possible.

Moreover, I have also mentioned the species of cockroach which can enter your body, so be aware of it.


What Happens When a Cockroach Enters Your Body?

This depends on the route which is taken by a cockroach to get its way inside your body. If it enters your brain, it can cause damage to nerves and also infections.

What Diseases Can Humans Get from Cockroaches?

Cockroaches can cause blood infections and problems related to the stomach and intestines, such as dysentery, cholera, and typhoid.

How Dirty are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are considered dirty insects because they carry and transfer almost 30 disease-causing pathogens with them, which can cause serious health issues.

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