Can Deodorant Kill Cockroaches? Actually work or not?

There are several different types of insecticides for killing roaches but can deodorant kill cockroaches? 

Have you seen a cockroach but no insecticide in your hand and are you looking for other options? If it is so, then you are at the right place.

In this composition, I will tell you if you can use a deodorant spray in place of any other cockroach-killing product or not.

You will also go through the pros and cons of using a deodorant spray in this article, so this is going to be very interesting.

I have worked on the applications and validity of different bug sprays and products, so I can guide you well. Now, let’s begin.

Can Deodorant Kill Cockroaches?

The effectiveness of any spray or product depends on its composition. So, regarding ingredients, the deodorant spray does not contain harsh and poisonous chemicals that ensure the death of a cockroach. Moreover, it contains different chemicals responsible for producing fragrance, so roaches can run away from detecting the smell before you spray it.

Roaches show contrasting behavior when exposed to different odors, one finds it attractive, and the other may be repelled by the same, so choose another method to kill roaches. 

What is Deodorant and How Does It Work?

Deodorant is a spray that is used to keep the body fresh and prevent foul odors, so it is a type of body spray. 

Our skin contains pores and glands that produce sweat to maintain average body temperature, which is a part of homeostasis.

The sweat from exposed body parts does not produce odor, but the parts that are covered may smell bad due to the presence of microorganisms like bacteria.

The bacteria grow in sweat and carry out a decomposition reaction; this reaction results in the production of byproducts that are responsible for unpleasant smells.

Deodorant also contains some chemicals that block the passage of sweat and don’t allow the pores present under the arms and legs to produce sweat.

Besides, it also contains chemicals in its composition that give sweet fragrances to different body parts where it is applied.

Percentage Composition of Deodorant

I have mentioned the chemical composition of deodorant in the table below, so let’s check it out.

1Alkali metal bicarbonate3.0 to 5.0 %
2Sodium carbonate0.1 to 1.0 %
3Sodium sulfate0.1 to 3.0 %
4Potassium bicarbonate3.0 to 4.5 %

Is Deodorant Effective in Killing Cockroaches?

As I have mentioned above, this totally depends on the composition of the deodorant. To kill a cockroach or any bug, it must contain poisonous chemicals.

To understand this, first, you must know the working of actual pesticide sprays. Such sprays contain toxic substances that directly attack the central nervous system of a cockroach.

This attack results in a loss of connection between the brain and muscles, which can result in muscle paralysis. 

The roach becomes unable to move and get food and water, which results in death.

But does deodorant spray contain such chemicals? The short answer is no because it is a body spray instead of an insecticide.

But, if you don’t have any bug spray at the moment, don’t lose heart as the chemicals in deodorant may cause temporary damage to roaches.

It may also cause death, but it depends on you. If you want to kill a cockroach using deodorant, make sure to spray it enough on the body of the roach, it must enter the body of the roach.

Next, trap the particular roach so it can’t escape; this method results in the death of that cockroach on some days due to lack of food and water.

Drawbacks of Using Deodorant for Killing Roaches

Now let’s see what the reasons why I am recommending other methods for killing cockroaches are; these reasons help you to understand correctly.

  • Deodorant sprays contain fragrance-producing chemicals that may ring a firing alarm for roaches, due to which they will run away.
  • Most deodorant sprays contain strong smells that are avoided by cockroaches, so they don’t come near.
  • Deodorant sprays can only cause temporary damage from which cockroaches can recover and survive.
  • A cockroach can still move and hide after spraying deodorant which increases the chances of survival.
  • Deodorant can repel cockroaches for a short time but only because of its strong smell and because it has no chemicals in it, having a toxic effect on cockroaches.

Other Products to Kill Cockroaches without Deodorant

As I have stated that deodorant is not an effective method to kill roaches, it can only pose temporary damage to roaches’ health, so what are the best methods?

I have used some home products to kill roaches which provide good results so let’s find out about these products and their applications.

1. How Baking Soda Kills Roaches?

If you are one of those who don’t want to use expensive products to kill roaches, this method is for you. You can also use a product that is present in almost every house and kitchen.

Yes, you have guessed right. I am talking about baking soda. As you know, baking soda is used to raise products such as cakes, cookies, and other baking items.

But how does it kill roaches? When cockroaches are exposed to baking soda, it incorporates into their bodies and interacts with acid to make gas bubbles. 

These gas bubbles blast the body of the cockroach, which results in its death at the moment. Now, the question arises: how to enter baking soda into a roach’s body?

I constantly mix baking soda with sugar to attract roaches because roaches love sugar and they can detect its smell. In this way, they ingest baking soda while eating sugary food.

2. How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Roaches?

This is another product that can kill roaches in a small amount of time. Diatomaceous earth is a whitish powdery substance that attacks the protective covering of cockroaches.

Insects, including cockroaches, have an outer shell that keeps the internal body parts in place and also provides shelter to critical organs.

It also retains the fluids and water of the body and prevents their outward movement. When roaches are exposed to diatomaceous earth, it detaches the outer shell of roaches from their body.

This results in the outside flow of watery fluids, including blood plasma which results in the drying of the cockroach body and eventually death due to dehydration.

3. How Do Essential Oils Kill Roaches?

Many essential oils have proven themselves to kill roaches effectively. These oils are also used to keep roaches away from certain things that have a risk of roach infestation, such as electronics.

But how is this possible? Actually, cockroaches are sensitive to smell, and they have remarkable smelling abilities. They can also memorize odors.

Cockroaches also possess liking and disliking for odors like humans. Roaches hate the smell of peppermint oil, bay leaves, and some other essential oils.

Because they are aware of the toxic effect of these smells on their body, therefore they avoid coming near them. So you can use these oils by pouring them into spray bottles.

4. How Do Cockroaches React to Citrus?

As I have mentioned above, cockroaches don’t like the odors of certain products and substances. Citrus juices are one of them.

If you have a severe infestation in your house, you must have to be careful because roaches can even attack your body for the sake of food.

You may find a cockroach crawling on your body if you don’t remove the food items from your bed before sleeping.

Cockroaches may also invade your bookshelves because they can eat papers for their survival and may even use the electronic appliances in your home as their shelter.

So for treating all these situations, Extract juice from citrus fruits and fill it in a bottle. Place this bottle at different places that are at higher risk of cockroaches attack.

5. How Does Borax Kill Cockroaches?

Borax is also a poisonous chemical substance for roaches. It is a white-colored chemical compound related to washing purposes.

Borax is used in cloth washing detergents to clean oily and greasy stains from clothes. Besides, it can also kill roaches by working in the same way as diatomaceous earth. 

When cockroaches ingest borax, it causes their body to dry by soaking all the liquid fluid present inside, including water, which results in their death.

Mix the borax with some sugary or fatty food because cockroaches have a fantastic sense of smell, they use their antennae, and the nerves send messages to the brain.

The brain, in turn, produces a specific response; therefore, roaches tend to eat such foods.

6. How Does Boric Acid Kill Roaches?

Boric acid is the same as borax; you can use one out of these two to kill roaches. It is a poisonous chemical that affects the brain of a roach. 

This results in abnormal movement of the roach. I suggest you trap the roach after exposing it to boric acid; otherwise, it can also escape the situation.

Trapping the roach ensures death after a few days because cockroaches can’t get food and water for their survival and eventually die due to malfunctioning organs.

How to Keep Cockroaches Away without Spraying Deodorant?

As you know that deodorant spray is not effective in keeping roaches away or killing them, so know what to do? 

Don’t need to worry as I have provided some other methods to deal with this issue.

1. Using Insecticide Sprays

Insecticide sprays contain some poisonous chemicals that can kill roaches by attacking their central nervous system. 

Now there are two types of insecticides, one with such chemicals that have a strong smell and others that contain ingredients and chemicals that are odorless.

Now, you must be thinking about which is more effective. So let me tell you that I have observed the working of both types of insecticides. 

I concluded that insecticides without any lousy odor work well because roaches can detect the strong smell of such insecticides and can run away before you spray the insecticide.

Some people are afraid of chemicals and avoid them because they don’t want to expose their bodies to such chemicals. If you have the same problem, then don’t worry.

As I have another alternative for you guys. Take one teaspoon of vinegar and mix it with water. Now fill this solution in a spray bottle. Next, spray this solution at different places in your home.

2. Using Repellents

As you know, roaches are attracted to food because of its appealing smell. But do you know you can use the same phenomena to keep them away?

Roaches can smell with the help of two antennae placed on their head. These antennae can smell food, and therefore cockroaches are attracted to them.

Similarly, there are some odors that roaches hate to smell and run away from smelling them. The products or things that produce such odor are known as repellents because they repel roaches.

Among these repellents, the most famous is lavender. Lavender is a plant with a sweet fragrance, but roaches don’t consider it sweet; instead, they run away from smelling it.

So, you can use this plant to keep roaches away. Now the question arises of how to use it.

You can use lavender leaves in different forms. For example, you can dry this plant and extract oil from it; you can also make a solution of a lavender plant and can spray it.

Moreover, you can also use it in raw form. Simply make small pieces of lavender leaves and place them in drawers and small cracks and spaces.

As I have mentioned above, roaches attack our closets due to the presence of favorable conditions. 

3. Keep Your House Clean

Roaches need food to survive, so they choose a place where there is easy access to food. Roaches can feed on the dust particles present in different places in your home.

Moreover, they can also feed on paper and even clothes if they contain stains of food. So, there is a need to clean your house to remove any source of food for them.

Cockroaches have a wide variety of food choices; they can feed on plastic, paper, starch, dust, garbage, fat, sugar, protein, and much more. 

Therefore, carry out a thorough cleaning process, and I will suggest you use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose as it can suck even the smallest particle.

4. Using Roach Baits

It is not possible to remove these insects permanently, but there are some effective methods you can use to kill these cockroaches. 

One of these methods is using a poison with food known as roach baits. Roach baits have a tendency to kill them by acting as a poison; although it is a slow process but really effective. 

There are different forms of roach baits available in the market.

I have used roach baits in my kitchen to get rid of these irritating creatures and found them really helpful, so I will recommend you use them. 

The baits contain sugary or fatty food, which attracts roaches. They detect the smell and come close to it and ingest poison while eating their food.

5. Using a Trap

Some traps are available in the market to kill cockroaches, known as glue traps. These traps contain some sticky substances for insects. 

If you put a cockroach in such a trap, the sticky material will trap it and inhibit its movement, which eventually causes the death of a particular cockroach, but what will happen to its egg bag? 

To find this, I experimented on a german roach. First, I bought a trap containing adhesive material and then picked a german roach and dropped it in the trap. 

After three days, the cockroach releases the egg bag, and the baby comes out of it on the second day of releasing the ootheca. 

This means that the baby gets all the required conditions inside the ootheca, including a specific hot temperature and some moisture. 

The moisture comes from the sticky material or glue. Moreover, the trap is all closed, which creates a hot environment within it that is suitable for eggs to hatch

After the baby hatched from the ootheca, the female detached it from her body and eventually died because of a glue trap.

Final Words:

In this essay, we have found the answer to this question: Can deodorant kill cockroaches? Deodorant sprays are not for killing roaches, so it is better to use other methods.

I have mentioned all other practical products and methods which you can use to kill cockroaches, so you can go for one which you find easy to use. 

I hope you find this article productive for getting rid of cockroaches without using deodorant spray so Good luck!


Does Deodorant Keep Roaches Away?

This depends on how cockroaches react to the chemicals producing different odors. Most cockroaches avoid coming near, but it is not effective in the long term.

What Kills Cockroaches Instantly?

Dehydration is the only mechanism that can kill roaches in no time; for this, you can use diatomaceous earth and also borax.

What Smell Keeps Cockroaches Away?

The brain of cockroaches generates escape responses by detecting the stimulus from neurons when antennae detect the smell of lavender, cedar, cypress, and peppermint oil.

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