Does Ammonia Kill Roaches? How to Kill !!

This blog will be productive for you if you want a valid answer to the question: Does ammonia kill roaches? 

Roaches are not easy to handle but are among the most troublesome insects that may be the reason for your headache if you struggle to kick them out of your house.

But this blog can give you relief and reduce your problems, as I have mentioned here, a perfect DIY method to deal with stubborn roaches.

Roaches have a high reproduction rate, so they can occupy your whole house within a few days. The infestation of roaches is prevalent in houses offering suitable conditions.

But you don’t need to worry, as I have been dealing with pest control methods for a long time and can help you out with cost-effective remedies.

Does Ammonia Kill Roaches?

Yes, ammonia can assist you in killing roaches and getting rid of them. Ammonia is a chemical that does not possess harmful effects on our surroundings and human health; it directly attacks the outer protective shell of roaches, which plays a vital role in roaches’ life and kills them in no time.  

Ammonia separates the outer shell of roaches; this results in sudden death as the organs beneath it become scattered, and the fluid inside the roach body flows out.    

So, the roach that becomes exposed to ammonia undergoes dehydration and dies, but this also depends on the method of application. For best results, ammonia must be used in a proper way.

Introduction to Ammonia

Before heading towards the effect of ammonia on roaches, you must first know what ammonia is; for this purpose, I have made a short introduction to ammonia, so let’s see.

Ammonia is a naturally occurring chemical compound that exists in nature and is used in the synthesis of many products, including cleaning detergents. 

Ammonia is a chemical that is produced by animals from the metabolism of ammonia. It is a toxic chemical; therefore, in humans, it is converted to urea and excreted out from their bodies.

It can exist in all three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. Just like water, ammonia also acts as a solvent and possesses dissolving capabilities. 

Uses of Ammonia

I have also done keen research on its uses, so let’s find out how you can use ammonia for your good.

Ammonia has various applications, and apart from killing cockroaches, it is used to enhance soil output, resulting in a high and remarkable production of crops.

This is because ammonia contains nitrogen in its formula, which is extremely useful for soil and plants. Nitrogen enhances the growth of plants and also crops.

Besides, ammonia is also a vital compound for the synthesis of many valuable chemicals that can also help you to deal with pests.

Ammonia also possesses household uses as it can assist you in cleaning glassware and also can disinfect surfaces.

Properties of Ammonia

I have stated some properties of ammonia in the table below, so let’s gain knowledge about this chemical.

1Density0.589 times air
2Boiling point-33.1 degree centigrade
3Freezing point-77.7 degree centigrade

Mechanism of Roache’s Death by Ammonia

As you have gone through the fact that ammonia is effective in killing roaches, do you know how? If not, then no need to worry, as I am here to answer all your queries.

So let’s discuss the mechanism by which ammonia can lead roaches to death. Ammonia is known to have a damaging effect on the outer shell of roaches, which is also known as the exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton is a vital component of a roach’s body as it is hard due to its proteinaceous structure and chitin that makes it resistive, so it can also bear stress to some extent.

Moreover, it acts as a barrier for foreign toxic particles and pathogens to prevent their entry inside the roach body.

Furthermore, an exoskeleton is a covering that covers the vital organs of roaches and prevents their exposure to the outside environment. 

In addition, it holds the fluids, including water and blood, inside the roach’s body and doesn’t allow its outward movement. But what if this vital component gets damaged or broken down?

Yes, you have guessed right; this will cause the sudden death of a particular roach, so congratulations! You have got your answer.

The removal of the exoskeleton by ammonia leads to dehydration which is a significant cause of death.

Is Ammonia Effective Against Roaches’ Eggs?

Eggs play a pivotal role in roach infestation, and they may be one of the leading causes, so if you want to deal with roaches, search for their eggs and remove them or kill the babies inside.

Roaches, unlike other insects, don’t give birth to a single baby roach; instead, they lay an egg capsule that may contain more than 20 baby roaches at a time.

So you can get a group of baby roaches after a few days, leading to a massive increase in their numbers. Therefore I suggest you take steps against roach eggs.

But can you do this by using ammonia? A straightforward answer to this question is yes, but you have to use a proper method for the best results.

As I have said earlier, roaches lay an egg capsule containing several baby roaches; this capsule or shell is there for the protection of eggs against chemicals and stresses.

So if you want to kill roach eggs, you must make sure that the eggs come in contact with the chemical, which is only possible if it completely absorbs into it.

Method to use ammonia

Ammonia must be mixed with water before everyday use as it is a chemical, so there is a need to dilute it, but in the case of roach eggs, I advise you to use a sterile ammonia solution.

This is because the concentration of chemicals always matters and is directly proportional to their effect. So greater the concentration, the greater will be the effect.

Moreover, never spray the solution on the egg mass, which is also known as ootheca, because spraying does not confirm the complete absorption till the bottom.

To kill baby roaches, hold the ootheca and submerge it in the solution containing a pure concentration of ammonia; ammonia will block the spiracles leading to suffocation.

Is Ammonia Enticing for Roaches?

Roaches are known to have a great sense of smell, they are experts in smelling foul and good odors, and they even respond to these scents.

Have you ever wondered how roaches get their food? These remarkable species can smell food from a distance and get attracted. Moreover, scents also help them to communicate.

Roaches detect danger by identifying the change in their surroundings, and this also includes the presence of odors that act as repellent for roaches.

Similarly, they also possess a liking for scents; for instance, they love the smell of sugary and fatty food along with garbage and rotten fruits. 

So here, a question arises: how do roaches react to ammonia by smiling at it? Whether they get attracted or repelled by it?

I did a small experiment to find the answer to this question. For this, I used ammonia as a cleaning detergent for my kitchen shelves and bathroom floor.

The next day I found some roaches dead at the place of application; this was because the ammonia got absorbed into their exoskeleton and damaged it.

The dead roaches release a fluid that can be smelled by companion roaches; this is the reason why I got rid of roaches from the places where I applied ammonia.

So, the conclusion is that ammonia contains a strong smell; therefore, it is a good repellent and can keep roaches away to some extent.

Can I Use Ammonia to Kill Roaches in Drains?

Roaches are irritating insects that can hide anywhere, and the preferable places are water sources such as bathroom pipes and drains.

Roaches not only use drains to hide but as a gateway to enter your house because they are small and can fit even into the thinnest cracks in walls and can enter your house.

By using drainage pipes in the kitchen, roaches can get access to the food there and contaminate it with pathogens sticking to their body surface.

So killing roaches in drains is a mandatory task, so let’s see whether you can use ammonia for this purpose or not.

You will be pleased to know that using an ammonia solution is the most effective in killing roaches present in sewers. For this, you must first mix ammonia with water.

Effective Way to Use Ammonia

Hot water boiled at 100 degrees centigrade is best for making ammonia solution as roaches are sensitive to boiling water, and this can lead them to death.

Mix double amounts of boiling water in ammonia and pour the solution into the drain pipe. When roaches come into contact with the solution, they will die within a few minutes.

The whole mixture works by dehydrating and suffocating roaches simultaneously.

Does Ammonia Cause Harmful Effects on Human Health?

I have observed and reviewed various chemicals and solutions that are available in the market for killing pests, most of which are hazardous and toxic to humans.

Such insecticides, pesticides, or other chemicals that contain harsh chemicals can damage the skin on contact and even lead to death if inhaled or ingested.

While some chemicals are also flammable and can set the place of application on fire, you will be gratified to know that ammonia is not as toxic and is safe to use.

But as you know, all chemicals cause devastating effects to some extent, and ammonia is also a chemical; therefore, it can also cause toxic effects if used unchecked.

The level of toxicity entirely depends on the amount; therefore, it is highly prescribed that ammonia must be dissolved with equal amounts of water before use.

Water lowers the concentration of ammonia, and hence its toxicity is also reduced, but the amount of ammonia is a matter of concern for roaches’ death, so do not double the amount of water.

Effects of Toxicity of Ammonia

If you use large amounts of ammonia to kill roaches without water, you must be careful and use protective gloves and also glasses in order to protect your eyes and hands.

In case of misuse following symptoms may occur:

  • Burning skin
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Redness on skin
  • Teary eyes
  • Difficulty in breathing

Can Mixture of Bleach and Ammonia Kill Roaches?

As I have mentioned above, mixing ammonia with water proves to be an effective method of killing roaches and lowering the toxic effect of ammonia.

This definitely raises the question in mind whether we can mix it with other effective chemicals or not, so the short answer is no.

Never ever think to mix two chemicals, as it can result in reactions giving rise to toxic by-products, so be aware. 

However, you can use these two chemicals separately by mixing water; both are effective DIY solutions and can come out with the best results.

Moreover, the mixture of ammonia and bleach can also cause severe damage to the sewer system as the mixture can react with the material of pipes and cause a corrosive reaction.

They can also carry out bursting reactions causing potential damage to the whole water supply. Moreover, it is also hazardous to human health. 

Effect of Ammonia-bleach Mixture on Health

In contact with your skin, the mixture of bleach and ammonia can cause irritation, redness, and peeling of the skin resulting in skin infections and rashes.

It can also lead to respiratory infections and breathing problems; the toxic amount can even lead to death, so be aware and always use precautionary measures.

However, you can use them distinctly as a cleaning agent; they don’t only kill roaches but can repel them and keep your home safe and protected from pest attacks.

Is Ammonia Effective in Killing other Pests?

There are several other bugs and pests that can invade your house and can affect your health, so if you are facing an infestation of some other pests, then keep reading.

Ammonia is effective against other pests, including bed bugs, and can kill them with the same mechanism. The main effect of ammonia is on the exoskeleton, so it can lead any insect to death.

It attacks cells and tissues of the outer shell of these pests and breaks them, which results in the removal of the exoskeleton that leads these pests to dry and dehydrate.

All the moisture content is dried, and the body fluids flow outward, which results in the death of that particular pest. The notable thing is the method of application.

I had once done a speed test of roaches proving that they are the fastest among various animals, so it is hard to target them and spray the ammonia solution in order to remove their shell.

The same is the case for other bugs; therefore, I always prefer to trap them before spraying so that the solution gets adequately absorbed into the shell.

So the effectiveness also depends on the way you are using it. Besides, always mix it with water, and hot water is best for this purpose.

How to Protect Home from Pest Attack by Using Ammonia?

Roaches and all other pests are hazardous to human health as they are responsible for causing diseases because they carry harmful pathogens along with them.

The king of pathogens, bacteria is one of the leading causes of diseases in humans, and roaches serve as transportation for these microorganisms.

So infestation of any pest, including roaches, is more harmful than it seems, so it is helpful to take some precautionary measures even if you don’t have an infestation yet.

Now, the question arises how? It is possible by just using the same chemical we are discussing in this blog. Yes, it is ammonia. Follow the below steps to save your home.

  • Take a tub for making ammonia solution.
  • Fill the tub with 12 cups of hot water; boiled water is best.
  • Now take 2 cups of liquid ammonia and pour it into the tub containing hot water.
  • Mix the solution well.
  • Now take a swapping cloth and dip it in the solution.
  • Clean the surfaces thoroughly with a dipped cloth. Also, clean the floor of bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will get rid of not only roaches but also other pests, as the smell will keep them away and protect your residence from roach attacks.

Benefits of Using Ammonia for Killing Roaches

Now let’s discuss the benefits of choosing ammonia for getting rid of roaches and other pests.

  • Using ammonia is a cost-effective method for killing cockroaches.
  • Ammonia is safe for use in homes.
  • It is the fastest method to kill roaches; that takes a few minutes in the whole process.
  • Ammonia is readily available.
  • Also effective against other pests.
  • Help to repel roaches and keep them away from your belongings.

Ending Lines:

In this blog, we have discussed the answer to the question: Does ammonia kill roaches? So ammonia is one of the most protective, quick, and effective methods to kill roaches.

But the effectiveness also depends on the method of application, so read the above-mentioned steps carefully to get the best results. 

Never mix ammonia with other chemicals except for water, and also use it as a preventive method to clean bathroom and kitchen floors in order to keep roaches away.

I prefer ammonia over expensive products as it can kill roaches in no time with zero side effects. I hope you have learned something new from this article. 


Does Dettol Kill Roaches?

You can use Dettol to keep roaches away from your kitchens, bathrooms, and other places that are loved by them, thanks to chloroxylenol, a chemical producing repelling, and pungent odor.

Does Ammonia Keep Roaches Away?

Yes, ammonia also contains a putrid odor that can generate repelling stimuli in the roach body and cause them to avoid it.

What is the Best Homemade Roach Killer?

The best DIY technique to kill roaches is to get a small amount of boric acid and mix it with one of the roaches’ favorite nutrients, sugar.

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